Standard nat plug ins

  • Excuse if this has already been asked.

    i'm totally new to PFsence but from what ive seen it offers so much but as a new user the interface is not…. erm ... as i would see in a normal router.

    I've been looking to solve some basic things with no avail and yes I've looked on the forums and keep getting it wrong.

    (this relates to port forwarding for multiple Xbones and logging in issues with plex and NAT)

    As a thought...have the team and the wider community thought about creating plugins to overcome common issues?

    IE: in the say the NAT settings in this case, you have a drop down box with the common solutions that fills in fields based on the known solution for an issue and prompts or hand holds the user through the issues thus allowing resolution as well as greater understanding by the user of how to fix or work with PFsense?

  • Unless your Xboxes have some sort of service that you want access to externally, port-forwarding doesn't come into play here.  Have you looked through the Gaming forum?  There seems to be a few articles that may apply to you, like this one.

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