IPsec connection to Cisco router

  • I have a PFSense router running 8 IPsec site to site connections 7 of them are working fine and have done for months. One connection is to a Cisco router that will not connect when it is using NAT-T 4500. from my end. I have successfully connected twice to the router (Once for several hours) however I think that it may be the Cisco making the connection to me not me to the Cisco. When looking at the connection window "not connected" it is displaying NAT-T 4500 as the port. When it is connected it is using port 500. The other site from what I understand is only using port 500 I do not have direct access as it is 6 hours away. Is there any way to force port 500 on the PFSense router my end? The setting only gives me "Auto" or "Force"

    I am using Release 2.2.3 and tried the connection on 2.2.2 with no luck.


  • Please try out to use the "aggressive mode" on both sites!

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