Zotac ZBOX nano MI522 opinions? (home use)

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm not sure has this already been asked but has anyone tested this quite new Zotac barebone?

    http://www.zotac.com/ca/products/mini-pcs/zbox-m-series/product/zbox-m-series/detail/zbox-mi522-nano-zbox-mi522nano.html (Prorbably 5 years of warranty with the registration to Zotac)

    I'm using 100/100 fiber connection and my requirements would be that it can perform well with about 5 OpenVPN users/connections. I have HP ProCurve 1810v2 switch so this MI522 could well fit with it. Currently I'm using Asus RT-N66U and my goal is to replace it with pfSense. My biggest concern is will I be able to use build-in WiFi card and if now does pfSense support some USB WiFi-modules or such? My goal is not to get another access point and even I could use Asus for just that I would like to reduce amount of these divaces so that I only have pfSense + switch.

    It's definitely not the cheapest device but my goal is to build solid machine for years to come.


  • Dual gigabit but it has realtek NICs in it of some kind. Not the most ideal NICs, but it may work.

  • Wireless may not be usable on it under pfSense.

  • Realtek's NICs are too risky so no thanks.

    So Shuttle DS57U the safest choice even it doesnt have Wifi module + CPU might not handle all OpenVPN sessions with 100MB/100MB fiber connection?

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