Issues with Installing/reinstalling packages in Service Watchdog

  • Just an FYI on my experiences using the Service Watchdog package:
    The Good:
    I really like this package - A few services I really like (ntpd, bandwidthd, darkstat, ntopng & arpwatch) are prone to random stops on my system and Service Watchdog does a great job of restarting them on the occasions they stop.

    The Bad:
    When upgrading the listed packages, Service Watchdog sometimes tries to restart them in the middle of the normal service stop/starts associated with the package reinstall, which can cause the installs to fail or hang (especially ntopng)

    A Solution:
    Remember to temporarily remove services from Service Watchdog when doing an upgrade/reinstall. Be sure to re-add them afterwards!

    On a related subject - I just upgraded to 2.1.3 and a few package services didn't start (ntopng, arpwatch, Darkstat) and I thought they were related to this behavior by Service Watchdog, but then realized they simply needed to be configured and saved and then they'd run ok and I wouldn't see the Service Watchdog entries in syslog :-)

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