How to convert to all bonded interfaces?

  • I'm looking at buying something like and configuring it as my router.  Presently, my routers are virtual, and each one uses a single interface with multiple vlans tagged on it, and each host has a bonded interface (LACP) to my switch.  I do a lot of routing between zones internal, not just across the WAN, so It's important to be able to get multi-gigabit speeds between zones, sometimes.  What's the best way to go about accomplishing having all 4 ports on a single bonded (LACP) connection?  Is this even possible?  Would it have to be done in multiple phases?  If so, wouldn't that make it difficult to drop-in replace the devices if I had to replace one some day?

  • I was reading across your thread some time, but was not able to reach the goal you are want to reach! Sorry.
    But would you please one time more explain what you are trying to realize exact?

    For sure you will be able to set up an LAG (LACP) over all 4 GB LAN Ports, but where then is your
    WAN connection handled? And there fore it would be perhaps better tp go with a Intel I3 or Intel
    i5 CPU, because there fore it would be cheaper and stronger routing as far as going by th SG-2240

  • WAN is on VLAN 5, LAN is on VLAN 10, a G(aming)AN is on VLAN 20, and a free AP is on VLAN 30.  All through the bonded interface.

    Presently, the three VLANS (LAN, GAN, and OPAN (Get the pun?)) correspond to three different virtual wifi hotspots in my wifi setup, with LAN requiring EAP-TLS, GAN requiring a WPA PSK (Isolated from the LAN via policy.  Only can access the internet, and a select few internet-facing services), and OPAN requiring you take incredibly slow speeds and shit QOS filtering, and sometimes I do silly tricks like setting up an upside-down-ternet  (OPAN's AP is Free Evil Wifi).

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