Odd IPSec tunnel issue

  • I've been scratching my head at this for the past couple of hours and it's time to reach out.

    We have an ipsec tunnel between our office and a datacenter where we colocate some servers. Both sides are PFSense. one is running the latest version, the other is still pfsense 2.1.3.

    From our office on MY workstation and laptop as well as our domain controller I can access any of the remote networks we've established through the tunnel. (multiple vlans with their own subnets). I can reach devices on the far end with ease. The only caveat is that when I take my workstation off of the lan cable and connect to wireless, I can no longer access the remote side.

    I have a handful of other devices that are on the office side that can ping the remote side but bringing up a web interface fails. Connecting with a client tool like vmware client fails as well.

    These same devices when connecting from an alternate internet connection and coming through our office VPN (located on the domain controller) can access anything on the remote side fine. Most likely since the DC can reach it, any RRAS dialup connections it serves are passing through it as well.

    We have a fairly simple office network. 2 lan interfaces. LAN and VOICE.

    Switches are tagged specifically for ports that have phones directly on them that require the voice vlan. Everything else is set for defaults.

    Suggestions? Questions?

  • Guessing your wireless is on a different subnet? You need a matching P2 for that network.

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