Routing into WAN-net

  • Hi together,

    why we got no access to the WAN net from the LAN net?

    Our configuration:

    INTERNET - FritzBox (x.x.81.1) - PfSense (WAN x.x.81.2) - PfSense (LAN x.x.80.3) - CLIENTS (x.x.80.10-200)

    We install a computer in the WAN net (x.x.81.50) with a little web-server (Port 80), SSH …, ...
    But we got no access to the 81.50er PC from the LAN net.

    We added a route in the FritzBox (x.x.80.0 over x.x.81.2) and we add a FireWall rule in PfSense (WAN x.x.81.50 all Ports).

    The clients in the 80.x net can't ping, trace our reach the PC in the web.
    PfSense (with diagnostic tools) can ping and also see the open ports.
    In the system-log files don't appear anything from the 81.50er IP.

    And we don't know if is interest, but we can't reach the PC if we are log in into VPN to the FritzBox (81.x net).

    Thanks for your help


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