Multi WAN - Multi LAN

  • Hi,

    Currently I have successfully set up pfsense with dual wan and multi LAN. However I have little problem if I set a firewall rules which states the gateway to use in a particular subnet. If I set the rules in the firewall rules to set the gateway to other than default gateway, client on that alternate gateway/wan connection cannot communicate with client on another LAN subnet. If I set it back to use default GW everything is working fine.

    My suspect is if I set alternate gateway when tracerouting to outside it skips pfsense's LAN interface and routed directly to WAN gateway therefore cannot route to other local subnets.

    What I am trying to achieve is clients in subnet A,B,C is using WAN1 and clients in subnet D,E,F is using WAN2 connecion while retaining connectivity between subnets.

    How do I set this correctly?

    EDIT: solved by creating firewall rules for another subnet as destination to use default gw instead WAN2 connection. I wonder is this the correct way or not

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