No interfaces shown trying to create PPP interface for 4g USB device

  • Hi,
    Trying to setup a 4g usb device for Wan and when I go to assign PPP there are no link interfaces shown, any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance


  • That means there aren't any serial devices on the system that answer like a modem. Is it a 4G device that shows up as a NIC rather than a typical PPP modem? Which card is it?

  • It's USB not a card, model number is
    ZTE MF823

    Thanks for your help

  • If the FreeBSD kernel doesn't recognize the device or hasn't drivers for it, it will not show device (see dmesg log file for that) then it doesn't support it.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply, it shows under network ports and allows me to setup wan port to use it and works ok, but every morning the device needs to be unplugged and plugged back in again for it to work, this occurs without fail, like something is timing out.
    I though maybe I'd set it up wrong as all the guides I've seen indicate to setup under ppp, I guess it's different than these devices then.


  • Nothing in the logs ??

  • Hi,
    I can't see it in the logs so I'm not sure whats happening, hopefully my NBN connection is getting done tomorrow so I won't be using the 4g usb connection any more.

  • Found the ZTE MF823 will work on pfsense 2.2.4-RELEASE (i386)  if the device is added as an ethernet ipv4 adapter after the following ;

    1 -boot box with no modem connected-usb,also ensure no overlap with addresses in the range ,it is best to configure the lan adapter to a different subnet ,i.e etc .

    2 -plug modem in allow 5-10 seconds.

    3 -go to interfaces and assign opt1 for the device.

    4-go to the interface configuration and enable .

    5- configure interface as dhcp4 only and apply .

    6- if all goes well you should be able to access the interface for the modem on

    7- if not check the routing config and ensure that the modem device is the only gateway and is the default gateway.

    • CARE : /Problem

    If you release the dhcp lease the pfsense box will lockup and when rebooted it has lost all the config ,still trying to work out why the config is not renewed ..,so best

    & - If you reboot the box with the modem plugged in it will go into a loop and not boot correctly,not sure if its dhcp related or i/f loops due to the modem being its own router.



  • Try this : put a switch between pfsense and your modem….

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