(SOLVED) Any 1 NIC + mikrotik vlan step by step?

  • I'm new to pfSense. I'm looking for a dummy step by step guide or help to configure a pc with only one nic + mikrotik (rb750gl) with vlans.

    Modem > rb750gl configure with vlans as switch > pfSense
                                    |                      |                                     
                              local pcs    normal_wifi_router

    I want pfSense to handle the wan traffic and ips, and to assign ip to anything connected to the rb750gl. I have TeamViewer available.

    Thanks for the help.

  • First of all i have to say thanks for all the help i received in this forums. errrmmm 0 help.

    Anyways after like 6+ hours learning from random stuff not completely related. I learn how to use any Mikrotik router that support vlan as a switch for pfsense 1 one nic. Since i'm not as selfish as everyone else in here. I will share the configuration.

    Delete every firewall rule (just leave input>accept so you can configure it)
    Delete dhcp clients and servers.
    Remove slave from all the interfaces
    Remove all the address (use mac to log in into winbox)

    now configure your interfaces to look like this: [admin@MikroTik] /interface> print
    Flags: D - dynamic, X - disabled, R - running, S - slave
    #    NAME                                TYPE    ACTUAL-MTU L2MTU
    0  S ether1                              ether            1500  1598
    1  S ether2                              ether            1500  1598
    2  S ether3                              ether            1500  1598
    3  S ether4                              ether            1500  1598
    4  R  ether5                              ether            1500  1598
    5  R  bridge1                            bridge          1500  1594
    6  R  bridge2                            bridge          1500  1594
    7  R  bridge3                            bridge          1500  1594
    8  R  bridge4                            bridge          1500  1594
    9  RS em0_vlan10                    vlan            1500  1594
    10  RS em0_vlan20                    vlan            1500  1594
    11  RS em0_vlan30                    vlan            1500  1594
    12  RS em0_vlan40                    vlan            1500  1594

    configure your bridges and ports like this:

    [admin@MikroTik] /interface bridge port> print
    Flags: X - disabled, I - inactive, D - dynamic
    #    INTERFACE              BRIDGE              PRIORITY  PATH-COST    HORIZON
    0 I  ether1                    bridge1                0x80        10      none
    1    em0_vlan10            bridge1                0x80        10      none
    2    em0_vlan20            bridge2                0x80        10      none
    3 I  ether2                    bridge2                0x80        10      none
    4 I  ether3                    bridge3                0x80        10      none
    5    em0_vlan30            bridge3                0x80        10      none
    6    em0_vlan40            bridge4                0x80        10      none
    7 I  ether4                    bridge4                0x80        10      none

    Connect pfsense to ether5, modem to ether1, other pc to ether2 and configure pfsense vlan interfaces like this:

    thats all!! i really dont understand why no one could even reply with some help in my thread. Thats the world we are leaving on! so much shame.

  • so you expect that in 24 hours, a volunteer, on a saturday, configures your pfSense & microtik, FOR FREE ?


  • @heper:

    so you expect that in 24 hours, a volunteer, on a saturday, configures your pfSense & microtik, FOR FREE ?


    well i posted the full configuration a "Saturday late night ->Sunday early morning" while watching the UFC. I see that everything is about money here.

  • no its not about money ….
    its about patience and waiting till someone, that knows microtik, comes along and has the time and patience to work it out for you.

    if you want a solution NOW, this minute, ASAP .... then yes, it's about money

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    Dude really your complaining that nobody responded to your thread in 24 hours with a full step by step guide..  WTF is this world coming too??  Give me Give me NOW!!!  I can not wait for you to help me…  If you don't help me you all sux!!

    Please send me 10$ for wasting my time reading your post ;)

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    Someone would possible even have replied if this was posted to the proper forum. (Basically, the question has nothing to do with pfSense, that VLAN clicking takes about a minute.)

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