PFsense VRRP with another router

  • Hi

    I would like to setup PFsense with another 3rd party firewall for redundancy. Let's say Fortigate.

    I have so far being using CARP between 2 pfsense.  Now i would like to use 1pfsense and 1 fortigate device. Since fortigate doesnt support CARP we would have to use VRRP.
    Can pfsense work with another brand using VRRP?

    I know that there wont be sync state etc… But that is not what i am looking for. I want to ensure if they can failover respectively.

    The CARP itself is VRRP, but has anyone tried this before?

  • All right… For others who may want to try this or looking for a solution, forget it.... It wont work, they will conflict.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    CARP is a VRRP work-alike ("similar to but legally distinct from…") -- they will conflict and won't work the same.

    Even so, it's very unusual to want to have two dissimilar systems for failover. They should be as close to identical as possible.

  • VRRP is a common method for an device based fail over scenario and if you will have luck only over VRRP
    it would perhaps working.

    The CARP itself is VRRP, but has anyone tried this before?

    Like  jimp was explaining is something alike VRRP, but not so common and won´t work
    with other devices.

    And ARPbalance over CARP is at this days a OpenBSD only thing such it will not running completely
    on other systems. There fore you will be able to balance the entire load over more then one device
    actual at the same time, with an automatic roll over effect.

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