Traffic Shaping Wizzard creates odd qLink queue

  • After upgrading from 2.2.1 to  2.2.3 I've been having some issues with Traffic shaping. Running the Wizard creates a Odd qLink queue on the LAN interface and sets it as the Default Queue. Moving the qLink queue to the internet folder or trying to manually create a Default queue seems to break Traffic shaping/queues  and the firewall stops passing traffic.

    The way the qLink queue is setup ti appears to be outside folder/structure where bandwidth is specified. My understanding of this means basically does not have a Bandwidth Limit. Does any one know whats causing this or a work around for this.

    ![qLink 1.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/qLink 1.png)
    ![qLink 1.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/qLink 1.png_thumb)

  • Running the wizard in 2.2.1 did not create the qLink queue and had no issues manually creating the default queue.

  • Are you seeing any errors in the top right in the notifications? If you move qLink under qInternet, your totals may be too much, causing your firewall rules to not be parse-able.

  • It appears the issues with manually creating the rule was an issues with a duplicate priority number, but I was not getting a notification about the error. The wizard is still creating the qLink queue in the wrong location. Please note that if as an issues with the totals being to much it would still be an issues with the wizard,

  • I noticed basically the same issue yesterday, when a HTTP download was using all my bandwidth, because it was going through the qLink queue on the LAN interface.

    Is this an issue with the wizard or am I simply misunderstanding what the qLink queue is supposed to do? If it is indeed an issue with the wizard, could someone please explain how the queues under the LAN interface are supposed to look (I guess a screenshot would be enough to clarify things for me). Right now, my queues are basically organized like in chaos777b screenshot.

  • You should really start your own post, but qLink is meant to be LAN traffic instead of Internet traffic. If your web traffic to the Internet is going into qLink, you have your rules setup incorrectly.

    I use a much simpler setup

  • BUMP….I'd like to know the official answer to this as well. It's got me all sorts of confused

  • OK I found the answer….this has been driving me crazy for a while now...

    The queues on the WAN interface are listed like that because they are sharing that whole 6Mbits.  The reason that qLink and qInternet are under the LAN interface is that as it is local and if you do not set a speed on the interface , it goes by what is detected by the NIC.  You dont want to limit the speed of the LAN for PC to PC transfers or have that traffic be shaped.

    Here's another excellent explanation about how to use qLink and traffic shaping in general below

  • If you use a standard, 2 interface LAN & WAN setup, qLink is unneeded. I think it is only useful for multi-LAN setups.

  • @Nullity:

    If you use a standard, 2 interface LAN & WAN setup, qLink is unneeded. I think it is only useful for multi-LAN setups.

    It's also useful if you run proxy caching on pfSense. Otherwise, the local cache stream would be limited by the default internet download speed setting.

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