Can't see queue on GUI and on console

  • greetings to all,

    I am trying to follow this:
    but I can't seem to see the queue in: "Status: Traffic shaper: Queues" and also in the console

    attached are my firewall rule and traffic shaping example.
    am using pfsense 2.2.3

    if I try to create from: "Firewall: Traffic Shaper: Wizards" I can see the queue on both GUI and console.
    if I try to edit the working one from wizard, I can't seem to fully add/remove them.

    some question(s):
    1. if I manually create a traffic shaper queue lets just say like below (WAN in HFSC, qLink with 995mbps bandwidth, qInternet with 768Kbps, and all are enabled):

    I should be able to see the queue right? [irregardless of having a firewall rule(s) created or not]
    I have also tried "filter reload" but does not work.

    am banging my head on this problem of mine :(, I believe I have done it correctly on just to create a simple queue manually :(
    any inputs are appreciated, many thanks in advance.

  • Are you getting any warnings in the top right? If you make firewall changes that are not valid, which the traffic shaper can be finicky, the rules won't compile and the firewall won't implement your changes but will continue to run on the last set of good rules.

  • no sir, no errors so far, only errors I may encounter is just for default queue not yet created (if I create others first)

  • if I create via wizard without anything checked, I can add/remove/modify and I can see the queue from GUI and console.

    but if I create it manually, i can't make it work or see it from queue or console…, weird..., or I'm the weird one.

  • I had the same issue, effectively if you create a new queue that has the same priority as another queue it can not be parsed and breaks traffic shaping. I also noticed I was not getting a notification when this happens.  Also note the qlink queue is in the wrong location for it to work correctly. Recreate qLink under the internet tab, and verify that there are no duplicate priorities. See if that resolves your issue.

  • for me, I just create via Wizard and have nothing checked and work from there :(

    I really don't know why creating them manually don't work for me.

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