• Hello,

    I am trying to setup SMTP E-Mail Notifications but im not receiving the notifications, is there a way to check the logging on this?


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    Have you noticed the "Test SMTP" button?

  • Yes, I press this, the page loads and goes back to the notification page with no error

  • anyone?

  • Check your mailserver's logs to see if it was rejected for some reason.  Anything in the pfSense System log about it?  It's probably an encryption issue.  You probably need to play with the Secure SMTP Connection settings.  For my Exchange server, I have to check Enable STARTTLS or it doesn't work at all.

  • Could be pretty much any number of things. Have you checked that your DNS settings are correct? Try running a 'dig' or 'nslookup' from a command shell on the pfSense to see if the MX for your target address is showing up. If that works, try running a telnet to the MX host for your target address on port 25 and see if you can send a test message from there. The process is, by example:

    'telnet target-host-ip 25'
    'helo me'
    'Hello - just a test message'

    Include the full stop after the 'Hello' line to initiate the send.

    If this doesn't work then you may get a clue as to why your emails aren't arriving, such as the encryption issue KOM mentioned, or possibly that the receiving host is rejecting the message due to an anti-spoofing error.

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