PfSense loses all configuration

  • Hi all,

    This has happened twice now and I thought I'd see if anyone else has come across it.

    Twice in the past 6 months PfSense has lost all configuration data. Absolutely everything including stored certificates in the Cert Manager, all interfaces, all rules in fact absolutely everything that I can see has been lost. This also includes all the packages and today I even found that the Squid directory had lost every roll over log and some scripts I'd written into the /var/squid/logs directory.

    The only significant event I can think of done around about the same time was an automated upgrade done through the WebGUI but I couldn't definitely say the one resulted in the other.

    I'm almost certain that this happened without a reboot as well as the missing certs I only found tonight yet my VPN (which uses one of the certs) is up and working. I went to change the config of the VPN tonight and it complained of a missing cert (which is what alerted me to the problem)

    Does anyone have any ideas why I'd lose absolutely every config on the firewall and why that would include data in the /var/squid/logs directory?

    The Firewall is running 2.2.3 in a VMware VM on ESXi 5.5 and all of the packages are on their latest versions. The firewall runs pretty flawlessly for about 2 years with the exception of these two config losses.



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    You reverted to a snapshot that was taken before config?  You did a reset of pfsense config?

    Your on 5.5u2 at min right..

  • @johnpoz:

    You reverted to a snapshot that was taken before config?

    That'd be my guess. Or using a non-persistent disk.

    Even resetting to factory defaults wouldn't get rid of /var/squid/logs. Though I wouldn't keep any scripts there as the package reinstall may wipe that directory.

  • Sorry had connection problems so apologies for the slow response.

    I'm as certain as I can be that neither of those two were the case unless VmWare spontaneously did it without telling me. Same with non persistance. In both situationsI'd not even touched the Vsphere console or gone anywhere near VMWa re at all. I was simply logged into the WebGUI.

    It seems stable now again but I'll try and keep an eye on it to see if theres anything else that may have caused it.



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    "Or using a non-persistent disk."

    Possible that the VM restarted and if using a non-persistent disk type in the VM would go back to initial stuff.  Did the VM show a restart.. I can not fathom how running and all of sudden just loose all config and data on the disk, etc.

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