Brand new pfsense 2.2.3 install not logging

  • We have installed pfsense 2.2.3 amd64 on dell server with 2 10 g nics configured (WAN and OPT1) and a 1 gig nic (LAN).  This is purely for throughput testing.

    There are no packages on this machine.  We have followed the performance tuning guide and upped mbuffs to 1,000,000, along with other required tweaks.  Both 10 gig NICs are up, and passing about 3 gigs of traffic (tested with iperf)  with tcp offloading enabled. just for background, the firewall works.

    going to the command line, this command

    clog -f /var/log/filter.log

    gives me nothing.  same for clog -f /var/log/system.log.

    The files are 500K as expected.  If I go to Status -> Systems Logs in the gui, it sits and spins forever.  It I go to Status -> Services and click on the log button for NTP, I can get tot he log viewer, all the logs are blank.  If I click on System, it it spins forever.  I have gone to Settings for the logs int eh gui and reset the logs - no difference.  Rebooting makes no difference.

    I know better than to try to open these files in a text editor.

    What service should I be looking for in 2.2.3 that is supposed to be writing to the logs?  FYI, this is NOT the Nanobsd edition.  I'm posting thus under general and not the webgui because the webgui is the symptom - the fact that from the command line I am not seeing logs increment is the real issue, I believe.

    We have reloaded this configuration from scratch - twice - and this issue persists.  We are going to swap out the SD drives that it's loaded on right now for SSD drives tomorrow morning, but we don't think that will make a difference.  Thanks for looking!

    EDIT: turns out that we did not have the correct dives for this server, so it remains unchanged.  Any ideas what service(s) I should be checking would be greatly appriciated.

  • Hmmm.  I had to manually create the SSH keys for this host yesterday.  Today, after a reboot, the SSH keys are gone again.  It's almost like this thinks it is running a live CD, but it isn't?  Also, the thing hangs fro aobut 12 minutes during boot at "synchronizing user settings…" no idea what is going on there.

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