• All of the pfsense experts,

    i am running into problem that i think better run thru the experts first.  Right now have have 2 WAN connections for internet redundancy and 1 LAN subnet.  that LAN IP segment was using a valid internet IP for LAN and i have been tasked to migrate it to an 192 or 172 IP class.

    So, my plan was to add an additional NIC and turn on DHCP on that new NIC and disable the DHCP on the old LAN.  that way all of the DHCP clients will be moved… but my question is...

    Will pfsense smart enough to 'route' the traffic between the old and new subnet?

    also, do i need to worry about the fail over on the WAN side? if i now have 2 subnets?

    also, maybe there's a better way to do it..

    please let me know..

    thank you!

  • You can do so liek you described but you will need seperate interfaces for the old and the new LAN connected to the same layer 2 network. This can be done wither using dedicated physical interfaces or using vlans in combination with a vlan capable switch. If you add firewallrules for both interfaces that will allow traffic between them clients still on the old subnet will be able to talk to the clients on the new subnet routed through pfSense though you probably run into dns issues and other glitches. Why can't you simply swap DHCP-ranges in the evening hours and have everything working on next bootup of the clients in the morning at the beginning of the officehours?

  • Thank you!… so, right now the pfsense is not doing the dhcp and it is running at about 87% memory.  should i be adding more memory? or it should NOT be that big of memory usage.

  • How many memory does that hardware have currently? 87% is a bit too close to the edge for my liking. It might happen if you enable some more services or see high traffic load that processes are randomly dying or the system is becoming terribly slow in case this is a full install as it starts swapping to hdd. I would add more ram.

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