CARP WAN, is master on both boxes

  • Hello,

    I have configured PFsense in Hardware Redundancy (CARP) using the following guide as help,

    Everything seems to work fine, and if one box if rebooted or shutdown the other takes over.

    Just one thing puzzles me, the guide says:

    "On the primary node, each VIP should show MASTER. On the secondary node, each VIP should show BACKUP."

    This is mostly also the case on my boxes, just not on the WAN VIP it says MASTER on both boxes, and I cant seem to find anything configured wrong. Have something changed since the guide where made, or have somebody input to where I may have done something wrong ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Had the same issue with the setup. Turned out a fat fingered one of the CARP vips. Make sure they are the same on both pfsense boxes :)

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