Open vm tools installation verification

  • I've just installed open vm tools from the package library in pfsense and saw this info: . This is the output I get for the two commands, respectively.

    $ ps uxawww | grep vmware
    root  29476  0.0  0.5  17136  2640  -  S    2:15AM 0:00.00 sh -c ps uxawww | grep vmware 2>&1
    root  29573  0.0  0.1    544  456  -  R    2:15AM 0:00.00 grep vmware
    root  68626  0.0  1.7 101052  8184  -  S    2:08AM 0:00.22 /usr/local/bin/vmtoolsd -c /usr/pbi/open-vm-tools-amd64/local/share/vmware-tools/tools.conf -p /usr/pbi/open-vm-tools-amd64/local/lib/open-vm-tools/plugins/vmsvc

    $ kldstat
    Id Refs Address            Size    Name
    1    1 0xffffffff80200000 22d84b0  kernel

    Clearly, I don't get the same output to that of the one in the article. What does this mean?

  • Check in vSphere client if the vmtools reports the IP addresses of pfSense. If you can see the IP addresses, they are installed. I received the same output ..

    Check out my print screen from a linux host on ESXi 5.5 ( not pfsense)


    ![vmtools linux.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/vmtools linux.PNG)
    ![vmtools linux.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/vmtools linux.PNG_thumb)

  • It says "Running (Guest managed)" and it does show the IP address. Does that mean that everything is running just fine?

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    Article is OLD and needs to be updated..

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