Penalty limiting in 1.2 final

  • I want to limit all LAN traffic to have an upper limit so all traffic in my DMZ will never get clogged.  I have set this up through the Traffic Shaper wizard, but the limiting does not seem to have an affect.  Is this a known issue?

    I have three interfaces LAN, WAN, and DMZ.. DMZ is bridged to WAN and I want to limit LAN traffic to a certain KB upper limit.  The rules seem to be setup OK, and I see some traffic passed in the qPenaltyDown/Up queues in pftop, but no slowdown is seen.


  • Did you reset states after running the shaper wizard? How did you specify the lanhosts in the penalty field? Did you set WAN and LAN  as outbound and inbound interface when running the wizard?

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