Problem With configuration

  • Hi to everyone,

    I'm new in PfSense things :) and i have problem with configuration in this scenario

    My friend have a Cisco RV42 in front on his network then a layer 3 switch Cisco SG300 with 3 VLAN for WiFi, workstation and server. So he want to use PfSense for Firewall and content filtering. So we have

    RV- > wan1 IP x.x.x.x and LAN 10.x.1.1 in gateway mode.

    So SG300 make 4 vlan -> v1(default vlan for connection rv42 and sg300) -10.x.1.x for mgmt; v2 -> 10.x.2.x for workstation; v3 -> 10.x.3.x for servers; v4 -> 10.x.4.x for WiFi devices with a static route -> 10.x.1.1 that on sg300 site

    On RV42 he have static route for 10.x.2.0 -> 10.x.1.1 and 10.x.3.0 -> 10.x.1.1 and 10.x.4.0 -> 10.x.1.1

    Then he have Windows Server 2012R2 work like Domain Controller and DHCP Server for all 3 networks and without PfSense every thing work like a charm.

    We install pfsense with want interface on 10.x.1.x network and with 3 lan interface. Put i cannot make pfsense to be a firewall for all those network.

    My question is what i must do to make my pfsense work like a firewall and content filtering.

    i try to redirect all traffic from rv42 to lan ip address on the pfsense and did not work

    Please Help

    thanks for every help

  • When i redirect all traffic on L3 Switch to PfSense LAN address ( -> 10.x.2.x) on VLAN 1 everything work, but on another 2 VLAN there is no internet i can ping all VLAN's members :( please help

  • Perhaps if you posted to the proper forum others might see it.  This forum is usually used for discussion outside the scope of pfSense.  If you want assistance, I would suggest that you post your question in either Installation and Upgrades, or General Questions, both of which are in the pfSense English Support parent forum.

  • 10x for your advice

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