Problem With configuration

  • Hi to everyone,

    I'm new in PfSense things :) and i have problem with configuration in this scenario

    My friend have a Cisco RV42 in front on his network then a layer 3 switch Cisco SG300 with 3 VLAN for WiFi, workstation and server. So he want to use PfSense for Firewall and content filtering. So we have

    RV- > wan1 IP x.x.x.x and LAN 10.x.1.1 in gateway mode.

    So SG300 make 4 vlan -> v1(default vlan for connection rv42 and sg300) -10.x.1.x for mgmt; v2 -> 10.x.2.x for workstation; v3 -> 10.x.3.x for servers; v4 -> 10.x.4.x for WiFi devices with a static route -> 10.x.1.1 that on sg300 site

    On RV42 he have static route for 10.x.2.0 -> 10.x.1.1 and 10.x.3.0 -> 10.x.1.1 and 10.x.4.0 -> 10.x.1.1

    Then he have Windows Server 2012R2 work like Domain Controller and DHCP Server for all 3 networks and without PfSense every thing work like a charm.

    We install pfsense with want interface on 10.x.1.x network and with 3 lan interface. Put i cannot make pfsense to be a firewall for all those network.

    My question is what i must do to make my pfsense work like a firewall and content filtering.

    i try to redirect all traffic from rv42 to lan ip address on the pfsense and did not work When i redirect all traffic on L3 Switch to PfSense LAN address ( -> 10.x.2.x) on VLAN 1 everything work, but on another 2 VLAN there is no internet i can ping all VLAN's members :( please help

    Please Help

    thanks for every help

  • Look at firewall rules for each OPT interface.  The default "allow everything" rule is only put in place on the LAN interface.  Perhaps you haven't copied it to the OPT interfaces for the other vlans?  Check firewall logs.

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