Installation on HDD

  • Hey there,

    I just downloaded pfSense-1.2-LiveCD-Installer and burn it as a cd image. I boot the cd on the pc intended for installation. Once boot, there isn't any option for me to install on HDD but all options seems to point me to 'CD Platform' installation. Have i downloaded the wrong file?

  • maybe pfsense did not detect your hdd. Happened to me but I managed to play around with the IDE setting in the BIOS. I choosed ide compatible mode and pfsense detected the hdd (my hdd is a SATA interface hdd) but I ran into troubled since I had two HDDs and could not boot into the installed HDD. So I rerun again my BIOS setting. Changed the IDE setting to enhanced, enabled RAID, went into the RAID utility, created a RAID 1 HDDs array, boot into pfsense CD image and choosed the RAID 1 HDDs array when transferring the image and no boot problem.



    Also provide the dmesg info from http://<pfsense-ip>/status.php to see if the controller and hdd is detected or for obvious problems with it.</pfsense-ip>

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