Problem setting up FAILOVER

  • Hi,

    I've been trying to set up failover on pfsense in an ESX powered environnement.

    What i did so far :

    • Add 1 NIC on each server and make them communicate like this :
    14:55:50.546495 IP > PFSYNCv5 len 1336
        insert count 4
        update compressed count 4
        eof count 1
    14:55:50.579265 IP > PFSYNCv5 len 1410
        insert count 5
        update compressed count 2
        eof count 1
    • Configure Virtual IPs for both my LAN and WAN accesses and witness their propagation to the slave

    Now my problem are  :

    1. Master has LAN & WAN in master as it should be, but… Slave has LAN in master and WAN in backup (as it shouldnt be at all)
    2. Even if WAN is in backup mode on my Slave, the virtual IP is still mounted ! (wtf)

  • Up, any ideas ?

  • In fact the behaviour is totally erratic, sometimes I can get full MASTER on master node and BACKUP on slave nodes, but then some of my servers are unable to reach the network…

    Other time i delete a Virtual IP and recreate it and i can reach my server again but the interface is MASTER on both nodes...

    My last option is to change vSwitchs options as said in troubleshooting ( but I can't do it right away.

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