Problem to install on miniitx with raisercard and 2gigabit nics

  • i have a EPIA M mini-itx motherboard and a raisercard with 2 gigabit nics on it (cnet proG-2000S).
    when i install pfsense beta2 on a hdd it looks fine,everything seems to be ok ,
    wan gets a ipnumber i can ping a host and lan get ipnumber,
    but when i reebot the system and the LAN cable is connected the pfsense wont start!! :(
    ,so i haven't managed any way to login from LAN to change settings any way ..

    so if i reebot without LAN cable pfsense seems to work ?!??

    (i have tried without the raisercard ,same results)

  • At which point does it refuse to start or crash or whatever? What is the last output you get before it stops?