Problems with Getting BT Infinity to Work.

  • Hello all,

    Please can someone help with trying to get BT Infinity FTTC to work with PF sense?

    My PF sense box is physical and has three lines - I have swapped out one of the lines that had an old DrayTeK Modem for a BT Business Hub.  The previous service was set to PPPoE and worked fine.    However, not the case with BT.  In the Interface settings I changed the username and password to the one from BT, (checked settings on the BT Homehub and they are correct)  then changed the gateway settings to receive a dynamic connection rather than a static.    The dashboard Interface says its not connecting, the logs say that WAN is down.

    Does anyone have a guide to setting this up as I am now at a loss on how to do this.


  • BT Infinity FTTC:

    Firstly, the OpenReach VDSL modem that BT supply must be used and (at the moment) can not be replaced with an alternative. However, the router that is connected to the modem can be. Every install so far of BT Infinity or Fibre Broadband from any ISP has included the Openreach modem.Source Link

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  • I use the same PPOE setup I have always used, but I ditched the BT modem for Draytek Vigor 130

    The 130 is simply plug n play, designed purely to allow bridging to a firewall device using PPOE

    Basically the same as the white BT modem (if you have the modem / hub setup) if you have the new BT HUBs then, essentially, ditch that and buy a second hand BT VDSL modem or the  Vigor 130 - BT have a nasty habit of remotely updating their equipment and changing it from a bridge back to a NAT device.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's not obvious what equipment you're using here. The most recent BT hubs have the VDSL modem integrated so you'd need to either put it in bridge mode or setup pfSense behind it ina double NAT scenario which is not ideal.
    As the others have said you want to have a separate VDSL modem really such as those BT supplied for use with their ealier hubs.


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