High latency when using limiters

  • Hi, I'm new here and I can't seem to find any solution to my problem for so long so I decided to post hoping that somebody could help or give me suggestions.

    I'm having problems regarding limiter. I have a single WAN with 5/1 speed and currently using pfsense 2.1.5 since squid transparent and limiter don't work on newer versions. I'm using PRIQ right now to make shaping simple instead of using HFSC. I don't have any floating rule problems regarding on where I want my packets to go so it really is all about my limiter. Whenever my ISP(5mbps) is fully saturated, my latency increases a bit especially on gaming (league of legends) increases by 10ms or (csgo) increases by 30ms. The shaping of my ISP is quite good but I want it to have a feel like no one is hogging my bandwidth even if fully saturated but to achieve that, I need to cap my ISP speeds to 4mbps/850kbps but when I'm using the limiter, I got very worse latencies (around 300ms). I've been using a router with tomato firmware and it also has an option to cap my wan speeds without increasing latency so I thought pfsense has the same implementation but I found out it was different so I'm running out of options. Can someone help or give suggestions? It will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • After fiddling through other options, I managed to throttle my speeds without suffering high latencies from limiter by using CBQ scheduler. Hoping this may help other users. Thanks!

  • The limiter won't help because the limiter doesn't manage buffer bloat. HFSC works great for me, 0ms increase in latency during saturation.

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