Hdd installation - bootup failure

  • Hi there

    I have just installed onto the HDD from the live CD, no problem.
    When I restart the PC without the CD it seems to boot fine, it picks up both NIC's (lan and wan) until you get the startup screen with the timer for one second (which one can pause by pressing [space] if one wants) and then when it starts pfsense, the system shows this insane amount of text gibberish (numbers and text) scrolling uncontrollably…...and well the keyboard has no response....and this seems to carry on forever without end......until you reset and then the same thing happens, even when I choose safe mode or any other option for that matter.....

    has anyone ever had this problem?
    I have re-installed three times now, and I am wondering where I should look for the mistake/problem......
    thanks very much

    cape town - south africa

  • Thank you, this helped.  I ended up putting the jumper on the HDD pin limiting it to 32GB - this baby is a barraccuda 120GB, and I'll just assume it was too big or too fast by default.

    thanks for the help  guys, maybe you could add this fact to the doc.


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