After upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 Custom packages dont startup correct.

  • my personal pfsense box has been on 2.1 for a LONG time. so decided to upgrade to 2.2 finally.

    i have sixxs-aiccu and tor and polipo installed from the CLI. works great in 2.1 and before.

    after upgrade i had to reinstall everything via the PKG manager which pulls all the 10.1 packages.
    execute the package script that ends in .sh and it starts the package and immediately dumps me
    into the ssh menu. Hmmm. not normal behavior. if you exit out of the menu with 0 , it stops
    the package. if you hit 8 instead the current user is whatever the package is…

    so i rebooted and watched the boot. i see it execute the script and end up at the menu.
    run a ps and its not there.

    somethings amiss here....

    how do we fix this?

    i took another spare box and did a clean install of 2.2.x (didnt matter the version number) and install
    those packages again. same thing. tried both x64 and x86 no differences.

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