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  • No packages will be installed. Will this get close to gigabit throughput?

    I really can only tell you, if you own this hardware, then install pfSense and do a measuring
    that brings you right to the point to know it really!
    Do you know this link pfSense Hardware

  • all the official hardware is so efficient

    And at this point scroll more down there is really clear described what is needed for archiving more then 500 MBit/s

    I would buy one but I am on a tight budget.

    Likes the most users, they are in a trap, now they are able to get 1 GBit/s Internet line but the hardware
    must also handle it, but no money it is really sad.

    Intel Celeron G3260 @3,1GHz
    4 GB or 8 GB RAM
    mini ITX board with 2 x Intel I210 or Intel I217AT
    mini ITX case
    & PSU 160 - 250 Watt

    If you will try to get your hands on this hardware, it will be able to handle it really good
    and on the other side it will be the also able to shoot cheap at eBay or newegg!!!

  • You might get real close minus the overhead.

    Im not up on your interfaces but in the past Broadcom interfaces were not recommended but things could have changed.  Anything in your network (or theirs) can potentially be the bottleneck.

    Once you order your circuit put your fastest computer directly on it and see what it provides. Then you have a baseline to compare to.

  • The above named hardware in the last post from me will do the job, but only if you not
    hug up on top all other things like Snort, Squid & SquidGuard, nDPI, HAVP and so on.

    But handling the 1 GBit/s WAN line it would be sufficient enough for and cheap to get hands on!

  • Yeah I tested with a 900mbps udp flood on lan and pfsense handled it without packet loss

    For sure it can be a method likes a network stress test, but seriously you should perhaps consider to use
    the iPerf tool on two PCs in your LAN to get a proper number of theLAN throughout!!! And not the WAN
    throughput likes we are talking about if we spaek about the ISP Internet link of 1 GBit/s that must be handled
    by the hardware.