Bandwidth Throughput Issues Same hardware Pfsense=198 meg Untangle = 798meg

  • Hey Guys,
    So I am looking to switch over from Untangle to Pfsense and am having some issues with bandwidth throughput. So I have the same hardware, 3ghz i3 w/ 12 GB ram and 128 GB SSD, dual Intel nic plus the nic built into the mother board. Being that I can get 798 megs when I have untangle installed on the same hardware I am thinking it must be a configuration issue with PFsense that is limiting my bandwidth. Does anyone have any recommendations on settings to check? I have a full 1gig up & down connection that I would like to take full advantage of.

    Thanks for the help!


  • Fresh out of the box PFSense or did you make a bunch of changes like installing packages?

  • Harvy66,

    Thanks for the response, the install is fresh out of the box. The only configuration I did was create a tagged vlan interface as all WAN traffic needs to have the tag 201 attached to it per my ISP.


  • Under Diagnostics, System Activity, what does it look like? Any high CPU usage?

    On the index page, what does your CPU frequency claim to be?

  • Cpu utilization is at 6%, I also just noticed I do not have a PCI express nic card in there. I just ordered one so will see if that makes a difference.


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