How to enable Whatsapp Calls

  • Whatsapp works fine on my pfsense but whatsapp calls do not work.
    Any ideas how to get this to work?
    I have searched the forum and google alike and dont find the ports i may need to open for this.  A lot of references to Whatsapp messages, but I dont have a problem with these.

    I have opened ports TCP/UDP 5222-5223 and TCP/UDP 5060 (SIP setup) both on the WAN and on the LAN interface.
    No luck.

    I am on the latest pfSense 2.2.3 by the way.

    The network looks like this :
    smartphone –> wifi --> switch --> pfSense --> WAN
    There is definitely no IP issue (as all other traffic works fine).

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    Please, search. Gets asked every week.

  • @doktornotor:

    Please, search. Gets asked every week.


    A search on Whatsapp Calls gave me six hits, two of which my own, the others not giving any answers unfortunately.

    Plenty of solutions on Google about troubleshooting Whatsapp on the firewall.  I have not yet seen the solution for Whatsapp calls.
    The most obvious solution was of course to set up SIP enablement, but I have done that already.

  • Heres what I do.

    Firstly I prevent anything from getting out onto the internet, next I monitor the fw logs to see whats talking, I then identify whats talking and if I want to allow it, I create a rule to allow it.

    Now creating a rule could mean creating an alias which has one or more domain names/sub domains in, which makes it easy to add to once the alias is set up in one or more rules.

    Its a good way to troubleshoot problems as well as see what devices on a network are talking to each other.

    I've never used whatsapp, but do you know if it initiates the communication in anyway or is a separate service giving away your location to the whatsapp servers and then they try to connect to you through a port they expect to be open?

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