Mailserver not connectabel from Inet

  • Hello

    I have mailserver on
    Have made portforwarding and split-dns
    Clients on localnet 192.168.0.x can only recive mails if pop3/smtp in mail client is set to
    If I set my FQDN to pop3/smtp in mail client,  it´s time out.
    No mail clients (cell phone and computers) coming from wan is accepted.
    WEB server on FQDN running perfect.

    What have I configured wrong ? See photos.
    Thanks for help

  • The FQDN is resolved correctly to your WAN address at external clients

    Your localnet clients are set to use pfSense for DNS?

  • Hello.

    Yes to both questions.

    The Email server installation on is untouched, only the pfsense box is added, for  Dlink-dir655 outtake.


  • So if you ping the FQDN of the mail server from an internal client, do you get a response back? And have you checked to see if the mail server is running any kind of firewall locally, or has some traffic filtering of it's own in place?

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