APCUPSD package error with USB connection

  • I have been running APCUPSD listening to a service on another server, but that seems to have failed to protect my ALIX box during a recent power outage. Hard to replicate the circumstances without a repeating a prolonged outage.

    At any rate, I have decided to move the APCUPSD to my pfSense instance. I installed the package, and walked through the settings. The package instructions urge users to leave the UPS Type / Device entry BLANK. But when I do so, and try to save the updated configuration with the save button, it throws an error and stops: "The following input errors were detected: The field UPS Type / Device is required."

    I know this blank is an acceptable parameter for APCUPSD, because that's how I've configured by hand in other Ubuntu instances.

    It seems contradictory to urge users to leave an entry blank, then throw them an error when they do. Any ideas on how to fix?

  • Wording there is a bit confusing. It says "usb BLANK" which means you need to type "usb" in the UPS type field and leave the second parameter blank.

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