Back to my Mac (UPnP) setup

  • I would like to enable the "back to my mac" (BTMM) functionality for the Macs in my LAN. I understand that in order to this to work behind my pfSense NAT Firewall, I need to enable NAT UPnP (or NAT PMP?).

    The UPnP page in the pfSense GUI has various options that I do not understand with respect to BTMM.

    Do I want to use WAN, LAN, or both ports (I would assume WAN, but the GUI page says "generally LAN")?
    Should I disable UPnP by default (I would assume in this case, I would use user rules to allow limited UPnP access)?
    What user rules do I need to specify, if any?

    How does this impact my firewall? Do I need to separately open any WAN ports, and if so, which ones and for which protocol(s)?

    Thanks in advance,
    Greg Shenaut

  • First of all, UPnP and PMP is not the same. Those are different protocols for more or less the same thing. Currently pfSense only supports UPnP. Enable UPnP at the interface that your MAC is sitting behind (probably LAN) and don't use any restrictions for now (unless you feel/fear that you have some untrusted hosts inside your lan). Basically you have to enable it at the interface on which the host will communicate with pfSense. It will create firewallrules and portforwards at the lan interface for you automatically, so you don't have to configure something there. That's what UPnP is doing.

    Not sure if BTMM supports UPnP. Though I have Mac's (and love them) I never have used that feature yet as I use VPN-connections for this purpose and more. is a free tool to easily test if UPnP is working.

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