2.2.3 memstick installation has problems with drive during install

  • 2.2.3 memstick installation has problems with drive on baremetal during install, it throws a number of AHCI errors but eventually appears to install in the end.

    Take out memstick so it can reboot, and it just cycles between the bootloader and the rebooting. 2.2 release installs just fine on same baremetal.

    Wrong version 2.2.2 386 is what I downloaded which has the above problem.

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    That would be specific to your hardware, not a general problem. If you post the exact errors and a complete description of the hardware we may be able to offer better advice.

  • It was on a 64bit capable device, but one thing from memory that stuck was it was only found less than 512Mb when its 2x4GB, 4GB being the theoretical max for 32bit systems unless something like whats hilighted in the link was occurring, ie falling back to an earlier instruction set on the intel cpu forced by either the cpu or freebsd handling of instructions sets at the OS, which could have explained the memory warning about having less than 512MB.


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