DHCPv6 not distributing IPs

  • Hi All,

    I'm struggling with the DHCPv6 server on a 2.2.3 box
    I've set up successfully a HE ipv6 tunnel, which is UP&Running and work as intended from the pfsense box itself.
    On other hands, I'm not able to retrieve any ipv6 configuration on client side, mostly windows 8 machines.
    In attachment my configuration, accordingly with several guide I've found.

    Any help/hint would be really much appreciated :-)


  • Probably I've found the issue, on the routing logs there are tons of error like this:

    radvd[16602]: sendmsg: Permission denied

    No idea how to fix it though, the necessary firewall rules are already in place :-/

  • Ok, figured out what was wrong on my configuration!
    The Captive Portal is not working with ipv6 and prevent the RA daemon to work properly.

    Thread can be closed


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