PfSense Gold question

  • I am signing up for the gold plan and I notice it is asking for a "Username". Will this be just for the portal or is it for the forum as well?

  • The forum username is different from the pfSense Gold portal username.
    (and from Github, and RedMine - I think I have 4 logins related to pfSense)

  • Thanks Phil you answered all my questions without asking.

    Good job on your contributions as well, I was browsing git hub and your jamming this year.

    Are you well versed in FreeBSD and just started contributing or are you a work-in-progress?

  • Not a FreeBSD guy at all until I came across pfSense. Actually a long-time OpenVMS guy.

    I seem to learn a new language every year - Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, MUMPS (look that up!), C, C++ and nowadays I have to do HTML, PHP, JavaScript… and now Python is coming.

    Actually it is all the same. If you make useful subroutines with proper parameters and don't just make everything a global variable then code "just works". OO forces you to do it a bit more, but actually you could write good code in those old languages also.

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