IPv6 to IPv6 NAT ?

  • Hi,

    3 of my WAN interfaces support IPv6 but Only with an Subnetmask of 112 (Private address space).
    My Provider won't change that, so I guess I need NAT now to make my LAN clients able to reach the Internet using IPv6.

    Is this right ? Does pfSense support this setup ?

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    https://www.tunnelbroker.net/ or get an ISP who has some brain left. (/112 is usable for point-to-point links. You do not NAT shit with IPv6. Totally braindead. You use /64 per subnet - i.e., each of your LANs.)

  • Thanks, but there are some reasons why I have to use this ISP and can't use a tunnel broker.

    So there is no other option then in pfSense for me ?

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    Why you can't use a tunnel broker? Regarding your ISP - look, they don't provide IPv6. They provide completely useless clusterfuck.

  • Ok, so if there is no option within  pfSense (like NAT for ipv6?) I'm forced to use IPv4 then, for now.

    Sad but there are multiple reasons why we have to use this ISP (there is nothing I can to to change that)

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    Still cannot see why you cannot use a tunnelbroker? Regarding your "ISP" and that /112 - there's pretty much no reasonable way you could make use of that anywhere with any router distro out there for LAN. It's completely against IPv6 design.

  • Yeah, you are right, the Setup was intended for one Single host, not a whole Network. But I was hoping that there are ways around it, like NAT.

    I'm currently talking (again) to my ISP and try to convince him.. but I guess he won't listen.

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    A /112 on the WAN is OK as long as they route you a /64 or larger block for your LAN/internal use.

    It is possible for NPt to do IPv6 prefix translation but that won't do "overload" style PAT like IPv4. One of the primary purposes of IPv6 is to do away with NAT. If an ISP is trying to apply IPv4 address "scarcity" crap tactics to IPv6, their business and network models are both broken…

  • OK, thanks

  • @Satras:

    I'm currently talking (again) to my ISP and try to convince him.. but I guess he won't listen.

    Normally, an ISP is considered as a BIG company (several millions of clients) so implementing IPv6 "for you" would be pure fiction.

    I'm using a big (biggest) French ISP "Orange" (+16 000 000 clients, mostly ADSL and some fiber links). They still think about "IPv6", because they have to switch the entire country to mixture of IPv6 and IPv4 in one go. Nice aspect: this is France so, first, they 'talk' about it (for the last 5 years already)  ;)

    I'm using https://tunnelbroker.net/ services for years now. This means that all my PC's and other devices  have an native IPv4 and IPv6 access.
    Works great !!

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