Rules not mapped to names on firewall log screen since 2.2.2->2.2.3 upgrade?

  • Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but prior to the 2.2.3 upgrade my rules were being converted to the textual names, since the upgrade they are just the numeric rules?

    This is under status->system logs-> firewall, I have mine set to be an additional column, but since the upgrade this just shows the bracketed number.

    I haven't seen this on redmine but it could be that I've missed it?

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    What description are you seeing if you click the action icon (far left column)?

    On a 2.2.4 snapshot VM I've got running, I see descriptions for rules that have them, but not every rule has a description.

  • Just tried a screen load and they all say "The rule that triggered this action was" and then no description.

    On 2.2.2 the descriptions were all there, strange that nobody else is seeing this, I'll dig a little deeper….

    I'll have a look at the code later in the week and see where it's trying to retrieve the descriptions from and see why it's not getting them.

  • @brtech:

    under status->system logs-> firewall, I have mine set to be an additional column

    All I have are "Act Time If Source Destination Proto" columns.

  • Click on the settings tab and there is an option to show the rule name either as a column or as a second line.

  • Another instance the name would disappear in previous versions is when the rule is deleted and fw log reloaded, so all thats left to show is the the ID number.

  • Mine shows descriptions correctly.

  • Don't believe that's the case here as we haven't deleted any rules and it's for every entry.

  • One other thing, most if not all of these rules are floating rules.

  • I'll quantify that better, in previous versions of 2.2.x, cant say about earlier versions beyond that.

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