Multiple LAN Gateways Printing + other issue

  • Hi All.

    I run a large network, 5 of my sites are connected via MPLS via VLAN tags as well as Internet through our ISP, while the remaining 13 sites are using an intercity Wireless Network.

    We really are struggling with printing to our sites that are using wireless.
    Here's a brief overview:

    The remote site (lets say uses a "WAN" IP Address of - And in PFSense we have a Gateway and Static route defined accordingly.
    We use Terminal Services and SIP Phones for connectivity and all works well, with the odd dropout occuring. I've noticed that when I have gateway monitoring setup even on one gateway the whole setup falls apart with apinger.
    When one of the users prints anything more than one page via Windows PCL5 to Port 9100 - the printer hangs and spits out half of the print job, and after a few times only then does it properly complete.

    I've tried rebuilding PFSense using just the basic of options with no extra packages or fancy rulesets yet still cannot get the printing right. My users are freaking out and getting quite angry and I just can't figure out the solution.

    We were using Endian in the past and there were no issues - but after committing last week solely to PFSense the problem has existed. When I swapped out the Endian box as a test or even pointed the Remote Sites Router to the Endian Gateway printing started working, but of course it causes all sorts of other problems for machines that don't know how to reach the site using this gateway.

    I would appreciate any sort of insight, the problem persists from ver 2.1.5 all the way to 2.23 which is the only versions we have started working with on this new setup.

  • Sadly have had to revert to our Endian Firewall.

    If anyone has any ideas to solve the non completion of print jobs (I've changed MTU, MSS, altered IP Fast Forwarding Settings). It would be appreciated.

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