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  • DSL (transparent bridge mode -internet) > Pfsense (PPOE Dialer\DHCP\IPSEC) > dumb switch > computers  - this works great

    DSL (transparent bridge mode -internet) > Pfsense (PPOE Dialer\DHCP\IPSEC) > dumb switch >computers 
                                                                                                                                            |> POE Switch - POE Cameras

    the 2nd model drops that lan in seconds. Ideas? i can still access the firewall going through the WAN, just nothing on the lan side.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Something in the POE switch and/or the cameras is mucking up your LAN.

    Any chance the POE switch or one of the Cameras has DHCP enabled?

    Two DHCP servers on a single LAN is one sure way to bring things down.

    Other than that try eliminating variables, use the POE switch without cameras, hook computers into the basic switch and the POE to try and isolate any problems.

    If that works, try adding cameras one at a time till you find what trips the problem.

  • Could also trying logging everything ie rules and see if anything shows up which is being blocked or not that might give you a clue as well.

    Its usually a good idea to log everything in order to help see when you have been hacked as anomolies occur which you might be able to pick up with some good analysis tools that can indicate when you have been hacked, eg looking up particular DNS servers can be a way to communicate code/instructions amongst many other methods.

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