Dynamic DNS do not retry after failure

  • My ISP change my IP every day.
    I use Dynamic DNS with Dyn.com in order to update about 30 host on every WAN's  IP change.

    Usually all works perfectly, but in the last 2 months, some times 1 or 2 host have an error when updating.

    Jul 21 05:00:20 php-fpm[23501]: /rc.newwanip: Curl error occurred: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to members.dyndns.org:443

    This happen some days other not, wit 1 or 2 host of more than 30.

    The problem is that the Dynamic DNS service do not retry to update this host after failure.

    Exist a way to make the Dynamic DNS service to check on regular basis if the cached IP is different for WAN's IP?

  • What version of pfsense?

  • 2.2.3 running on APU board.

  • As a workaround you can install the Cron package and use it to edit the Cron job that runs once a day to check the dynamic DNS entries. If you run that more frequently then it is going to try to update any entries that did not update the first time.

  • That appears to be a result of sending a lot of requests to Dyn, they reject some of the connections (probably rate limiting because of abuse issues).

    Putting it in cron as Phil mentioned is an option. Might want to contact Dyn support and see if they have any suggestions. You're paying for those hostnames, you ought to be able to update them all at once. There may be another option with Dyn, like updating one FQDN, and having the rest as CNAMEs back to the one you're updating.

  • Thanks!!!

    I will be contacting Dyn.com

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