Filter Reload loop

  • Hi,

    I'm running PFSense version 1.2 final and after doing many modifications and applying them, the Filter reload process just keeps on looping, rebuilding everything. It's affecting the performance of the box too, on top of not being a good situation :) Any clue as to what could be done to fix this, without a reboot? I've tried restarting the webconfigurator and it didn't solve anything. The only module that I have is zabbix-agent.


  • Any chances that this is a CARP cluster and you built a config sync loop?

  • It is configured as a carp cluster yes, and the second unit is powered down at the moment as it was being maintained.

  • Make sure only the master has an ip set in the carp sync settings to sync to. the slave should not sync the config back to the master as this will start a ping pong game followed by a filterreload as the config might have changed.

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