• Masters,

    I need help with the rules.
    my current set up is

    ISP(NIC1) -> PFsense -> NIC2(LAN) ->
                                      -> NIC3(LAN2) ->

    • NIC2(LAN) DHCP good, has internet, cant ping 192.168.10.x network
    • NIC3(LAN2) DHCP good, no internet, cant ping 192.168.1x network

    Question 1: Is there a way for LAN2 to have internet, and both LANs 1 and 2 to interact?
    I would like both LAN1 network and LAN2 network to share files and printers.

    I haven't set up any rules on LAN2 yet. the system is currently running in the office I can't afford to do some tests.
    Action: Pass
    Interface LAN? LAN2?
    TCP/IP Version IPv4
    Protocol: any?
    Source: any?
    Destination any?

    Question 2: can I set up pfsense without ISP? just a blank WAN?, blank LAN?
    so that I could practice with 1 pfsense machine and 2 computers first… mega noob here...

  • 1 YES - setup rule on LAN2 to allow traffic to go anywhere ( similar rule like in LAN1, but use interface LAN2 for rules that apply on LAN2 ) or if you want some restriction according to your design.

    2 YES - you can also setup a pfSense in Virtual Machine if you don't have spare HW for test - firewall.

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