PfSense certificate when using (Windows) VPN

  • Bonjour

    My clients get a pfSense certificate for the autodiscover.<mydomain>.com presented when using VPN (windows based). The certificate is stored on an internal server (Exchange) but the users get a different certificate, from the pfSense itself.

    Does this make any sense?</mydomain>

  • Banned

    What's "VPN (windows based")? ??? Doing exactly what? Kindly describe step by step how to reproduce the issue; the description just does not make sense.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Are you using some proxy (squid?) on pfsense where your trying to do ssl bump so all https sites get a cert from pfsense.. Does this only happen when trying to access your exchange or does it happen on all https connections?

    I assume when you say windows based vpn you mean the vpn client running on windows OS - the openvpn client?

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