PfSense slave crashes with 2.2.1 and up

  • We maintain pfSense setups at four different locations. All locations have a master and a slave server. All locations have been running for at least four years without problems.

    When we upgraded location 1 to 2.2.1 we started having problems with the slave server. It was crashing+rebooting on a regular basis, sometimes as often as every other minute. We reinstalled pfSense on this server and set up everything from scratch, but as soon as we made it a slave of the master it started crashing+rebooting. At this point we suspected hardware problems and even though we could not find any failures in the hardware we replaced the server with a new one. It did not help one bit, it kept crashing. We upgraded to 2.2.2 and to 2.2.3 but the problem remained.

    We did not want to upgrade the other locations until the problem was solved but the master server in location 2 was rebooted after a power failure and it had a problem with its RAID configuration and would not boot anymore, forcing a reinstall of pfSense. We installed 2.2.3, successfully imported the old configuration, upgraded the slave to 2.2.3 and… the slave is now crashing+rebooting just like the other slave.

    Location 1 and 2 use different mainboard, memory, CPU and hard-drives. The only thing they have in common is that all servers have two Intel four port network cards (EXPI9404PTL).

    I can't help but come to the conclusion that something is wrong with pfSense running as slave.

    Any help or insight is appreciated.

    Attached is the latest crash dump of the slave server in location 2.


    no fix so far, will be a while i think

  • Seems like in 2.2.6 the problem gets worse.

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