PPPoE Over Vlan (VDSL)

  • I have been wrestling with this problem for the last couple of days. My WAN setup is as follows :-

    em1 is the Wan Interface, which has 3 Vlans (Vlan 10, 20, 30) all for different internet providers

    em1_VLAN 10 is PPPoE (VDSL)    (The problematic connection)
    em1_VLAN 20 is Static IP
    em1_VLAN 30 is Static IP

    One of our  internet providers has upgraded the VDSL (copper) line to  Fibre (still using PPPoE), the connection has always worked with the VDSL copper, however, since changing to fibre, I cannot manage to connect.

    A normal laptop running windows establishes a connection without any issues, but with PFSense I get the following in ppp logs :-

    Jul 24 09:24:13 ppp: [wan_link0] PPPoE connection timeout after 9 seconds
    Jul 24 09:24:13 ppp: [wan_link0] Link: DOWN event
    Jul 24 09:24:13 ppp: [wan_link0] LCP: Down event
    Jul 24 09:24:13 ppp: [wan_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 11 in 2 seconds
    Jul 24 09:24:15 ppp: [wan_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 11
    Jul 24 09:24:15 ppp: [wan_link0] PPPoE: Connecting to ''
    Jul 24 09:24:20 ppp: caught fatal signal TERM
    Jul 24 09:24:20 ppp: [wan] IFACE: Close event
    Jul 24 09:24:20 ppp: [wan] IPCP: Close event
    Jul 24 09:24:20 ppp: [wan] IPV6CP: Close event
    Jul 24 09:24:22 ppp: [wan] Bundle: Shutdown
    Jul 24 09:24:22 ppp: [wan_link0] Link: Shutdown
    Jul 24 09:24:22 ppp: process 4950 terminated

    Some more info, em1 is terminated into an HP 2510G Switch (Port 9) (Vlan 10, 20, 30 Tagged)

    PPPoE Modem  is in the Switch Port 1 (Vlan 10 Untagged)
    Static IP Modem 1 is in Switch Port 2 (Vlan 20 Untagged)
    Static IP Modem 2 is in Switch Port 3 (Vlan 30 Untagged)

    PFSense in a Guest VM Running under VMWARE ESX 5.1

    Since a normal windows PC will connect and work, the provider will not provide any support, but they are insisting something is wrong with the PPPoE setup on our side, or perhaps it is using an "OLD" protocol.

    Would be very grateful if anyone could shed some insight on what could be going on.

    (There is of course an option, of adding a router between pfsense and the fibre converter, however this would complicate matters a lot, due to forwarding rules needed to be duplicated on the "router" and pfsense)

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