3 years of 150 users, Multiple PPPoE problem

  • First of all I would like to thank the pfsense team for creating such a wonderful system.

    For 3 years I've been running pfsense with 150 users. But since then I wasn't able to fix a certain problem regarding multiple PPPoE( i have 4 DSL modem)

    My setup is a dedicated i3 PC with 1 Intel NIC connected to an 8+2 Port HP managed switch. The switch has 4+8 VLAN's namely LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4, WAN1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. while the pfsense single NIC has the same set of VLANS.

    Everything is working fine however only 1 out of the 4 DSL modem will work natively on PPPoE. The other 3 wouldn't connect so i had to enable routing mode (/30) on their modems instead and configure them to be NAT 1-1. This setup works for three years and until now. It's not broken however I've always wanted to let pfsense do the PPPoe dial for all of them.

    In a nutshell.

    1. WAN1 is x.x.x.x <- PPPoe Public IP
    2. WAN2 is
    3. WAN3 is
    4. WAN4 is

    Remember that each WAN has a physical port on the switch but then they will be tagged once they leave the switch to be sent to Pfsense. WAN1 pppoe seems to be able to connect using VLAN so it don't see any reason why the remaining 4 wouldn't.

    I have this issue since 2.0.2 and till the current version 2.2.3.

    I was hoping if anyone have similar setup or if they tried this VLAN PPPoE method and had the same result.

  • Hi Clarkadmin

    I'm using quite the same setup than yours (except my pfsense is a VM) and it's working fine with 2 PPPoE WANs.

    My pfSense version : 2.1.5

    Can you provide some logs when you're trying to connect the second PPPoE ?

  • I have a similar setup but i'm using virtual interfaces on vmware for the adsl so pfSense sees 2 e1000 interfaces. i had a problem with other routing distros that didnt like dialing more than one PPPoE but pfSense seems to work fine.

  • Multiple PPPoE WANs using VLANs has been widely used for quite some time. Have you tried it recently? If not, it's worth a shot, and report back with your PPP logs if you run into any issues.

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