1wan 2lans

  • Hi,
    I just got a PFSense SG-2440.
    All i want to do with it is separate my wireless and wired traffic.
    I have it attached to my modem using a static IP address - this is working.
    I have my wired network plugged into my LAN port. with DHCP running - this is working, people on the wired network can get to the internet.
    I want OPT1 port to be with DHCP. i have it set up. it is handing out addresses. I can not get to the internet.
    I thought it was a firewall rule but i copied the firewall rule from my 192.168 network and no joy.
    How do i get Opt1 to see the internet?

  • Same for opt 2?  (your

    Are your devices attached to opt1 getting a from the server or?

  • Yes, same for option 2. No access to internet.
    I set up the 10.99 to test and see if there was something weird with how I did 10.90.
    Here is the weird thing. 192.168 worked all day. Then just as I was giving up and going home I decided to clean up my mess of wires and organize. In order to do this I had to unplug the pfsense. When I plugged it back in I can no longer get to the internet on 192.168.
    I had to go back to limping on my half broken ubiquity router.
    I'm thinking about going in tomorrow and starting over with a hard reset and setting it up again from scratch. I'm at a loss.

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